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Tea for special occasions

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Tea for special occasions
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Tea-taster’s Assorted Tea Set

The tea to your recipe…

ШкатулкаTea-taster’s assorted tea set is a unique product, which
allows you to make unique blends of tea to your own taste!
Every customer gets more that a mere 3-piece set. The creators
of this wonderful tea have offered you much more.
The blends and their combinations have been carefully selected.
As a result, different components can be mixed at your
own wish, creating surprising fusions of taste!




Lime, Wild Strawberry, Passion Fruit

Raspberry, Grape, Whortleberry

Raspberry, Vanilla, Strawberry

Gift tea

Hyleys tea Company offers you to taste delicate Gift tea. You will plunge into the festive atmosphere of fruit aroma and taste.

Ingredients: Ceylon Black tea of the finest quality with Strawberry pieces, Raspberry pieces, Rose petals and Nature identical strawberry, raspberry and cream flavours.

Подарочный чай мал
Gift tea



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