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Classic black tea

English Aristocratic Tea
English Breakfast Tea
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Nature’s Harmony
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Classic black tea
English Favourite

Economy collection of genuine Ceylon tea with an optimum price/quality ratio. The produce has been created for those people, who want to enjoy quality tea at a moderate price. The packs for this tea are of modern design.

Fine high-grown black tea from the best plantations of Ceylon in double chamber tea bags with tags.

Tea bags

Classic black tea 25 bags
25 tea bags х 2 g. (with tags)

Классическая 50 пак
50 tea bags х 2 g. (with tags)

100 tea bags х 2 g. (with tags)
100 tea bags х 2 g. (with tags)

Excellent big leaf black tea. Carefully selected on plantations situated on the hills of Ceylon – a place where the best tea in the world grows.

Loose tea

100 g. carton pack
100 g. carton pack
250 g. carton pack
250 g. carton pack
500 g. carton pack
500 g. carton pack

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