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English Green Tea

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English Green Tea
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Grade: «Young Hyson» (leaf) Grade: « Young Hyson Special» (tea bags) Crop: plantations of Pussellawa district
Altitude: 900 meters above sea level

Grade: ««Young Hyson»» (leaf)
Grade: «Young Hyson Special» (tea bags)

Non-fermented tea of elite grade. It is produced on modern equipment, which imitates the ancient Chinese technology of heating tea leaves in a deep pan. Clear as a dew drop golden brew with a harmonic bouquet and sweet taste arouses the senses and fills the soul with harmony.


English Green Tea 100 g. carton pack
100 g. carton pack
Английский зеленый 125 грамм в подарочной упаковке
125 g. gift tin
Анг. зел пластик маленький 2010
230 g. plastic jar


In tea bags (small leaf)

Англ. зел 25 пак мал
25 tea bags х 2g. (with tags)
Англ. зел. 100 пак. маленький
100 tea bags х 2g.
(with tags)
English Green Tea 500 tea bags х 1,5 g. (foil envelope tea bags)
500 tea bags х 1,5 g.
(foil envelope tea bags)



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