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How Hyleys Tea is Produced
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Interesting Facts

The whole diversity of teas is produced from the same plant – camellia sinensis. A wide variety of tastes and aromas is achieved by means of using tea leaves from different plantations, crops as well as alterations in the production procedures, such as rolling and fermenting.

For example, if the fermenting time is long – black tea is produced, if it is minimal – green tea appears. All other tints (red, yellow and white) of tea are obtained by means of undergoing a whole or partial cycle of all tea leaf processing stages. Speaking about raw tea leaf, only young tea sprouts are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Thus, tea obtained as a result of drying young tea leaves gives if fused gives a richer brew in vitamins and minerals compared to tea produced from old leaves. In this instance, we have to mention that for production of high quality Ceylon tea only two young upper leaves and a bud are used, and the job is done manually. This gives a rich taste and unique aroma, which is characteristic of Ceylon tea only.
A place of growing serves as another reason for difference in taste. In particular, high grown tea has a delicate invigorating aroma, compared to low grown tea. The smaller are the particles, the richer brew it gives. That is why small leaf tea is used for production of tea bags.

All of the above proves that opinions that big leaf tea and small leaf tea as well that green tea and black tea are obtained from different plants are erroneous.

If you want to feel the difference between grades of tea, get into the shoes of a professional tea-taster, Hyleys English Collection of Exquisite Ceylon tea offers you the best way to do it. High quality of tea enables you to experience the versatility of aroma of true Ceylon tea. Now you can compare the strength of Englsih Breakfast with the nobility of caramel tint in English Aristocratic, refinement of Scottish Breakfast, enjoy the delicate bergamot taste in Earl Grey or citrus oil in English Special Blend.

If you prefer green team Hyleys tea company offers to you classic green tea and green tea with jasmine petals.

All of the items named above, can be found in Hyleys product range both as loose tea and tea bags.


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